Wedding celebration.

If you have decided on the date of the celebration, and came to us to coordinate all the smallest details, we will share with you these troubles. With your consent, the wedding ceremony will be held on our specially designed and equipped site. Professionals in their field will come and offer to you their services: a photographer, a master of ceremonies, a video director, as well as a specialist in wedding car decoration.

Depending on the number of invited guests, we will offer you a large banquet hall (up to 200 people), a small banquet hall with a summer terrace (up to 120 people), and if you want to spend a holiday in a narrow family circle, only with the very relatives and close ones you will get VIP-hall “Fireplace hall” (up to 20 people) and VIP-hall “Weapon hall” (up to 12 people). Simultaneously, in the walls of the restaurant “Sobkoff” can take place two wedding celebrations: on the first and second floors of the central building. But, do not worry, everyone will be given a maximum of services and we will make sure that your holiday turns into a fairy tale and left a lot of pleasant memories.

The possibility of musical accompaniment of the evening performed by the musical team “IMPERIAL”, an open summer terrace on the second floor of the complex, a dance floor at the main building, well-equipped and well-lit paths of the garden will dip you into an atmosphere of joy and fun.

Do not forget to book in advance our rooms for guests arriving from other cities and countries. You can find the stay conditions and prices in the section “Hotel”. We have prepared a wonderful gift for the newlyweds: the “Wedding Suite” room, absolutely for free. For our young, we have provided maximum comfort for our newlyweds; rest in such conditions will be a real pleasure.